What is Rogue?

A Rogue is an independent person who rejects conventional rules of society in favor of following their own personal goals and values.

​In modern English language, the term rogue is used pejoratively to describe a dishonest or unprincipled person whose behavior one disapproves of, but who is nonetheless likable and/or attractive.

Rogue Making was created by Tenaya Hurst out of demand for a local Bay Area maker teacher.  Tenaya works full time for Linino, Linux microcontrollers for the Internet of Things and U.S. distribution of Arduino.  Rogue Making is her side passion because of her love for wearable technology.  It's all related to the programming of microcontrollers because Linino can be used for wireless wearable tech projects that you can update from any laptop or smart device.

Tenaya teaches with Camp Galileo Tech Summer Camps, Children's Creativity Museum, Devoxx4Kids, Silicon Valley Code Camp, and more!  And this is when she's not representing Linino as head of their Education department!  She loves attending Maker Faire with Linino to show Makers a new tool with infinite possibilities and adaptability to preferred method of programming.  For those who are not programmers, there are many languages that people get comfortable with or prefer for one reason or another.  With Linino, you can use Arduino IDE, java, Node.js, LininoIO and Ideino as well as apps and other Alljoyn connections.  Rogue Making is how Tenaya stays connected to the local community.  We're proud to also offer macetech LED shades and the Bliplace, amazing creations from Bay Area makers.